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Providing Funding to 1pm

1pm plc secured loan terms paying up to 6% for individual lenders and SIPP funds


1pm plc (1pm) is an AIM listed independent provider of asset finance facilities to the SME sector. The Group was established in 2006 and has an impeccable repayment history.

1pm currently funds its growing portfolio by a mixture of block discount funding, debt funding, shareholder equity and surplus receivables from the lease portfolio. The Company has also borrowed over £450,000 from SIPP funds.

The Company is constantly exploring ways to fund the increasing demand for new business volumes.

A number of parties, including high net worth individuals, have expressed an interest in providing loan funds to 1pm. 1pm confirms that it welcomes approaches from individuals, companies or other entities, who may wish to explore the possibility of making a secured loan to 1pm. By way of guidance the terms on which 1pm might, in appropriate cases, be prepared to deal are set out below.

Indicative Terms



1PM (UK) Limited (wholly owned subsidiary of 1pm plc).

Facility Amount and Rate

£100,000 - £499,9995% Gross
£500,000 +6% Gross

Points of consideration

1pm has been trading since 2000 and became a public company, listed on the AIM market of The London Stock Exchange in 2006. Its trading is governed by strict on-going financial and legal requirements and obligations and the management team have worked hard to establish strict underwriting and collection procedures, which has contributed to the Company’s increasing profitability and strong Balance Sheet.

The Company is audited 29 times a year via its Block Discount Funders in addition to its regulatory annual audit.

1pm has never missed a loan repayment during its 14 years of trading.

Loan Security

Your loan will be used to finance a number of Lease Agreements. Every one of these Lease Agreements, along with the asset, will be assigned to you as security for your loan.

During the life of your loan, 1pm will manage your portfolio of Lease Agreements on your behalf. We will ensure that you always have an aggregate value of 130% of the amount of your outstanding loan, providing you with a significant level of excess security. In the unlikely event that a Lease Agreement within your portfolio defaults 1pm will replace it with another Lease Agreement so that your cover ratio is maintained.

You will also have the guarantee of .

For further information contact 1pm on:
Tel: 01225 474230
Fax: 01225 808966


Any party which approaches 1pm for the purpose of entering into negotiations for the making of a loan or loans to 1pm does so at its own risk and must itself take responsibility for its assessment of its commercial, legal and tax position and for the taking of its own professional advice, should it enter into any such arrangement.

Nothing on this website should be construed as an offer or commitment on the part of 1pm or any of its subsidiaries to borrow from any party or to borrow on any specific terms. Please also refer to the terms and conditions of use for this website.


The above information has been disclosed pursuant to Rule 26 of the AIM Rules for Companies.
Information last updated 31/07/2017.