Corporate Governance

Responsibilities of the Members of the Board of Directors

From 28 September 2018 the Company is required under the AIM Rules to comply with a recognised corporate governance code chosen by the Board. The Board recognises the importance of sound corporate governance and intends that the Company will comply with the provisions of the QCA Code. The Company shall disclose on its website how it complies with the QCA Code and where it departs from the QCA Code, will explain the reasons for doing so.

audit committee

A minimum of two non-executive directors

The Audit Committee is primarily responsible for ensuring that the financial performance of the company is properly measured and reported on for reviewing reports from auditors relating to the company’s accounting and internal controls and for reviewing the effectiveness of the company’s systems of internal control.

Terms of Reference – Audit Committee

remuneration committee

A minimum of two non-executive directors

The Remuneration Committee is primarily responsible for monitoring and approving all elements of the executive directors’ remuneration, as well as their performance management.

Terms of Reference – Remuneration Committee

nomination committee

A minimum of two non-executive directors

The Nomination Committee is primarily responsible for appointing new board members.

Terms of Reference – Nominations Committee

risk committee

A minimum of two non-executive directors

The purpose of the Risk Management Committee (the “Committee”) is to identify, assess, monitor and manage risk. The Committee is to oversee, report and make recommendations to the Board in respect of financial and non-financial risks faced by the Company

Terms of Reference – Risk Committee

Corporate Governance Guide

The Directors acknowledge the principles set out in the Combined Code issued by the committee on Corporate Governance (the “Code”), although the Company does not comply with the Code. The Board are committed to maintaining a high level of corporate governance in so far as it considered to be appropriate for a smaller quoted (AIM-listed) company.

The above information has been disclosed pursuant to Rule 26 of the AIM Rules for Companies.
Information last updated 11/12/2018.

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